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Get to know Saban Ventures in three minutes
Get to know Saban Ventures in three minutes

“Not just an investor… A real friend”

Tomer Bar-Zeev

Co-founder and CEO, ironSource (NYSE: US, acquired by Unity (NYSE: U))

A platform that turns apps into businesses. The fifth-largest app distribution platform in the world; 4,200 apps installed every minute.

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“A unique approach”

Hani Goldstein

Co-founder and CEO, Snappy

An all-in-one enterprise gifting platform. Over 150 employees; over 3,000 enterprise customers.

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“We’re still using Barak…”

Or Offer

Co-founder and CEO, SimilarWeb (NYSE: SMWB)

A platform for granular digital analysis of competitors. Analyzing apps and websites across 240 categories; over 1,200 employees on four continents.

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“They’ve been in your shoes”

Nir Shalom


Creator of the world's first Hyperlocal global cellular network, connecting millions of things every day.


“The ride is so fun, that’s a value on its own…”

Anat Shakedd

Co-founder and CEO, Nexite

“Nexite digitizes retail business from the factory floor through stores to the customer’s closet by connecting physical merchandise to the cloud.”

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