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A Revolutionary IoT Connectivity Solution

floLIVE takes IoT global by providing a unified, secure and compliant connectivity management platform – offered as a service in a pay-as-you-grow business model.

  • Founded: 2016
  • Partnered: 2019
  • HQ in London
  • Market: Global IoT connectivity platform
  • Employees: 70+
  • Locations: Global activity

The Story

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An Enhanced Solution:

We deliver one, unified, end-to-end solution for enterprises, mobile operators and cloud providers. From connectivity to invoicing, stay put - it’s all under one roof.


Patented Technology:

Our technology is one of a kind, enabling enterprises that manufacture locally but sell globally to manage their SIM profiles and connectivity remotely.


Security Seal:

Our 3-tier security suite protects your IoT assets from multiple angles: SIM, Core Network, and Cloud. Your security and compliance can’t be compromised, so we keep it early and continuous throughout.


Advanced Networking Options:

Whether it’s network slicing for diverse requirements on the same network, entirely private networks, or edge networking solutions – we’ve got you covered.


Pay as you Grow:

We don’t believe in punishing your success. You pay for exactly the active devices that you use, benefiting from that famous cloud flexibility you’ve heard so much about.

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