Who we are

Saban Ventures is a VC firm, focused on generating exceptional returns by engaging with exceptional entrepreneurs building exceptional companies

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

We all have substantial entrepreneurial backgrounds, so we speak the language fluently. We will listen to you intently, value your time and provide you with honest, constructive feedback. Should you be interested, we will tell you about mistakes we’ve made, so you can focus on making new ones

Strategic Value

Unparalleled global experience and access through the Saban Capital Group with its track record of building multi-billion-dollar media, entertainment and telecom companies in the US and elsewhere


We are agile, independent with the ability to take a long term view

Our Approach

  • Investment Strategy
  • Selection Criteria
  • our process
  • post investment

Multiple stages

From early product market fit to growth

Investment focus

We will look at any domain we can understand, whether it’s mature or emerging. We spend time on SaaS, Mobile, Tech Enabled Services and Digital Media

Being there when needed

We will be as involved as management wishes us to be

Investment approach

We will co-invest or lead, on a case by case basis

Knack for simplicity

We have a strong preference for companies with a simple capital structure and reputable current investors

Chemistry with the founding team will get the discussion started. Next, we look for bold entrepreneurs with the ability to inspire us, while keeping their feet on the ground.


We ideally seek companies with a commercially available product or service, capable of demonstrating signs of market traction.


Know your space. We expect entrepreneurs to be world class experts in their respective markets.


It’s not all great. Building a company is a rough ride. There are concerns, open questions and risks involved. We’d like to hear about the.


Proper English works better with customers. It also works better with us.


We don’t expect you to have an “exit strategy” (we actually prefer that you don’t have one)


Here’s how it works

The only fixed part of our process is our initial engagement and feedback. To initiate the discussion, we’ll ask you to share an investor deck and any other material you see fit.


From that point on, the only common element is that we will be quick and transparent throughout the process.

Post investment

  • Once you join our portfolio and we become partners we will make you aware of the various ways in which we may be able to help.


  • We maintain a simplistic approach call us when you need us


  • We retain open communication at all times, irrespective of whether we hold a board seat


  • Whether looking to access compelling markets, clients or extra funding, you are positioned to benefit the notable global network of our investor group (Saban Capital Group).


  • Our reputation gives us assurance that our strategy is of sound judgement

5 things that will gain our attention


Talk like your customer

Let us hear your doubts

Don’t tell us you have no competition

A substantial credible market is greater than a huge everything


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Barak Pridor

Managing Partner

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Sara Forman Hoter

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Working with us

Portfolio CEO’s Sharing their experience

Tomer Bar-Zeev
Co-founder & CEO, IronSource
"With its vast network and experience in building companies, the impact Saban Ventures had on ironSource goes far beyond its investment. We've been incredibly lucky to have them on board for ironSource's journey"

Tomer Bar-Zeev

Co-founder & CEO, IronSource

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Co-founder & CEO, SimilarWeb
"Saban Ventures is a true partner that understands our business. From day one the relationship was a friendship and continues to be one. Barak, my partner, is an entrepreneur that speaks our language and feels like an additional founder on the team"

Or Offer

Co-founder & CEO, SimilarWeb

Shaul Olmert
Co-founder & CEO, Playbuzz
"Disruption takes vision, guts, patience and a partner to lean on. We find all of these qualities in Saban Ventures. The road has twists and turns, and you can only make it to the other side if you have the genuine support of those who have come along for the ride"

Shaul Olmert

Co-founder & CEO, Playbuzz

Gigi Levy
Co-founder, Beach Bum
"We wanted a local, entrepreneurs-friendly venture capital with experience in building billion dollar companies globally. Saban Ventures was the perfect match"

Gigi Levy

Co-founder, Beach Bum

Jonathan Laor
Co-founder & CEO, Applicaster
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work". A favorite Edison quote. Thanks to the vision, mentorship and network of Barak and the team it never feels like work. Making it far easier not to miss opportunities."

Jonathan Laor

Co-founder & CEO, Applicaster

Saban Capital Group

Saban Capital Group ("SCG") is a leading private investment firm based in Los Angeles specializing in the media, entertainment, and communication industries.
SCG was established by Haim Saban, co-founder of Fox Family Worldwide, a global television broadcasting, production, distribution and merchandising company owned in partnership with Rupert Murdoch and The News Corporation, following its sale to The Walt Disney Company in October 2001.

The firm currently makes both controlling and minority investments in public and private companies and takes an active role in its portfolio companies.

Saban Capital Group

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